Big Data Consultant firm- services and responsibilities

With massive revolution that has taken place in the field of IT marketing and solutions, maintaining and storing Big Data in a systematic manner has become extremely important. With the ever increasing data and information stock, maintaining them in the traditional method of data storage is not at all sufficient these days. Hence, a big data consultant is always needed in order to execute the task of storing and maintaining a huge amount of data.
A professional big data consultant should be able to fulfill the following responsibilities as discussed below.

Strategizing action plans:
For a thorough research and in order to ensure a better search, proper designing and strategizing research plans is a must. A big data consultant is responsible for designing plans for data analysis and gathering relevant information regarding the same.

Maintenance of Data:
Acquiring a large amount of data is not everything one must look for. Proper maintenance of data and to have a systematic record is equally important. A consultant should be quite efficient in maintaining data integrity across multiple databases. This also includes designing, maintaining and updating multiple databases.

Coordinate with the application development team:
Big data consultant must coordinate with the application development team accordingly. In this process he must assist the team in designing and building data flows which also includes development of conceptual data models.

Proper implementation of various data analysis tools:
It simply means that a professional big data consultant must be able to offer serving his clients using various platforms and techniques of data storage including; Big Data Customization, Big Data Cloud Solution, Big Data analysis tool and Hadoop Solution. Implementing Hadoop Solution ensures applications to run on systems which may include lots of nodes involving massive amount of terabytes. Eventually the process facilitates rapid data transfer among the nodes being broken down into many parts.

Following established guidelines:
Documentation and development of data model elements are extremely important provided they are being executed by following proper established guidelines. A big data consultant must ensure the same. The person must guide engineers, programmers and system analysts regarding project capabilities, limitations and the amount of performance and interface required for a particular project concerning huge data storage.

Competency in SQL script concept:
Structured Query language (SQL) is basically meant for accessing and manipulating a particular database accordingly. Thus, an experienced and knowledgeable Big Data Consultant must perform the job of reverse engineering of all physical data models from SQL scripts and other databases.

Reviewing the development process of a software system:
The person must review the particular software system he is working on using a scientific data analysis structure. This is extremely important in order to assume and predict the possible outcomes and consequences related to a particular project.