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Business Loan vs. Equity Investment

So, you are in need of capital to start your own business or you are looking for funds to venture into certain projects for your company’s growth. Perhaps, you might want to seek for certain expansions for your business. All of which requires one thing to start with; more funds.

When it comes to this, we are usually down to two options: obtaining a business loan or looking out for equity investors. But we do know it is certainly not a choice we can make in an instant or without due consideration on both options as making rash business decisions can result in extremely dire consequences.

If loan comes to mind, Singapore business loans or Singapore SME loans are two good options to think about. But to determine whether business loan or equity investment is really better for your company, it is crucial to critically weigh in the pros and cons of both choices. Here is a list to consider both options:

Business Loan – Advantages

  1. Still the Boss – You will still have complete freedom to run the business in any way you see fit, with zero interference while having extra funds (from the loan). At the same time, you remain the one with the final say.
  2. No Profit Sharing – If your company thrives from effective use of the loan, all profits earned belongs to you alone without the need to share with other parties, and your only obligation is to repay your loan in full to the bank or financial instruction, plus interests.
  3. Better Financial Planning – As you have a repayment plan for the loan, you can plan how to use your funds more effectively while making your periodical payments; giving you greater freedom to manage your company funds.

Business Loan – Disadvantages

  1. Paying More – You will be definitely be paying interests that comes with the loan and the longer your repayment period, the more you are paying back and it can incur more losses if your business or project is not going well.
  2. Troublesome – Getting a business loan requires more than just a meeting with the bank’s representative but it also involves various documentations and at the same time, banks or financial institutions might need substantial time to consider approval; which can be cumbersome. There are no guarantees of approval either.
  3. Incomplete Loan – Even if your loan is approved, there is a chance you might not obtain the full amount but only a certain percentage of the amount applied for. In some cases, collaterals might be a necessity for approval and this certainly adds to the risks of higher losses should the business fails for any reason.

Equity Investment – Advantages

  1. More Funds – By looking out for equity investors, you might be able to obtain larger sums of capital if you are able to persuade them as banks and financial institutions are cautious in borrowing large amounts and they are certainly more skeptical in approving loans for new or growing businesses.
  2. Flexible Repayment – Applying business loan means you have to adhere to periodical payment periods, and failing to pay at certain periods may result in higher interests or penalties. With equity investors, repayment is more flexible and negotiable; such as the use of different forms of profit sharing as a method of repayment.
  3. Helpfulness – Getting experienced or well-connected equity investors can be really good in helping you run your company, as they might be able offer valuable advice. Moreover, they might be able to help establish better connections or expand your network, which ultimately serves to the interests of your business.

Equity Investment – Disadvantages

  1. Loss of Control – This is perhaps the greatest disadvantage of getting equity investors as they are part owners of your company; should they seek to gain control over the operations of your business, you risk losing complete control of your company operations.
  2. Profit Sharing – You have obligations to share monetary gains with them, as they are also your co-owners. This could mean taking away valuable funds that could be reinvested for other ventures or purposes beneficial to the growth and expansion of your company.
  3. Pulling Out – They reserve the rights to pull their investments if they lose confidence on the business for any reason and this could be highly detrimental to your company, particularly when certain projects are depending on their funds to run smoothly. In the end, you must determine which choice is better where you can maximize its perks while minimizing its risks. Every industry will have its unique situation. For example in biotechnology startups, the research and development phase can take decades to complete. While a business loan is good, it may not be the best choice to finance biotechnology startups. I have a friend who trying to develop a more effective HIV testing in Singapore opted for equity investment, as business loans were not suitable for his business. In making this decision, always consider the size of your business, the scale of the project and the amount of funds required and more importantly how it can ultimately serve to the best interests of your company.

6 Key Benefits of Using LinkedIn Marketing Tool

LinkedIn is the best professional social media of the day. There are nearly 400 million users of this site. Conventionally, the site was known for providing people the advancement but today this site is widely used to endorse brands along with providing a great platform for the professionals to connect to each other.

But marketing at LinkedIn has never been easy. Luckily, we have LinkedIn marketing Tool that help us to accomplish our tasks quite easily. Here are some major assets of these tools:

1) Fast Link builds up-

With keeping up a totally upgraded profile notice of the business, the association gets to be parcel less demanding. People can keep up the business associations, not just the professional success, it is capable towards business advancement.

2) Turned into a specialist-

LinkedIn is helpful for exercises of group administration. Because of the Q&A you can scan for gatherings and talk of their advantage and take an interest so as to end up a genuine master. Thus, your part and your work (perhaps) will advantage.

3) Build Reputation-

Setting up a region on LinkedIn licenses individuals to manage the vital information that is uninhibitedly available about the association. In light of present circumstances, making and keeping up the association’s reputation is basic in this computerized showcasing period. By making a profile, advertisers are appropriating the best and most correct information, which can then be discovered through web crawlers (by effectively using SEO) and spoke to as a vital reference for adjusting more data about the association’s past history alongside accomplishment.

4) The significance of the gatherings-

By and large specified gatherings are imperative in LinkedIn. In English alone there are more than 700,000. LinkedIn from the capacity to make and/or oversee up to 10 amasses and was a part and executive of a most extreme of 50 gatherings.

5) LinkedIn promoting procedure-

The association’s region on LinkedIn, maintained by imaginative frameworks for spreading out, for instance, URLs to association web journals or handouts ― assurances individuals will keep focused top for future business needs and frameworks organization opportunities. Furthermore, LinkedIn as of late reported that the people who keep their profiles upgraded will be compensated which is really rousing.

6) Recruitment of gifted individuals-

LinkedIn can similarly help the business with discovering and selecting capacity. The ability to develop affiliations, join applicable, gatherings and utilize the employment posting limits are all amazing decisions when searching for capacity. Not at all like other enlisting destinations, LinkedIn can interface individuals with idle occupation seekers, or the people who aren’t adequately hunting down another open door, yet would consider a move for the right position.

LinkedIn marketing tool makes thing lot easier for a venture. They can easily build a nice impressive reputation in the market. Having a page at LinkedIn provides a professional touch to the page. This adds to the image and is always counted on the nicer side. Ventures should start exploiting the advantages offered by these tools and achieve lot more success than ever.

Entrepreneurship is the future of business

Are you considering a Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship? Do you want the freedom to work more creatively or independently? Whilst in the past it was commonly held that ‘entrepreneurship is not for everyone, current thinking states that entrepreneurs are ‘made not born’, and the most unlikely person can become an entrepreneur.

Anita Roddick, founder of international cosmetics company The Body Shop, once said: “Nobody talks about entrepreneurship as survival, but that’s exactly what it is and what nurtures creative thinking.” People come to entrepreneurship through different routes – some want to do business in a different way, others have an idea they want to share, and still others find entrepreneurship is a great way for them to find balance between their personal and professional life.

Many entrepreneurs simply want to do business their way, so decide to take the plunge. From a full-time mother, to a dissatisfied employee, or merely someone who wants to start their own company, entrepreneurs tend to share certain characteristics or traits such as passion for what they do, creativity, a positive attitude and ability to take constructive criticism, which give them a great base to build on when starting their own venture.

All the above categories can be found in those studying for a Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship because one thing is for certain – being an entrepreneur is not an option for everyone! However the Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship can give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your new venture.

Interested? You’re not alone! Research shows that approximately 75% of new jobs created in the U.S. come from entrepreneurs – because of course, once you start your own enterprise, you’re creating employment opportunities for others.

Courses such as the Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship provide you with the opportunity to learn about many different aspects of business, such as Critical Thinking and Creativity, International Business Strategy and Designing and Leading the Entrepreneurial Organization.

When the course is over you will have much greater knowledge of how you can create or look for business opportunities all over the world, as well as being able to develop a strong business plan.

Of course, a Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship, is not just for those who want to set up their own business. The skills and knowledge imparted on the course can be applied to a multitude of areas in business, such as expansion of current companies into different markets, takeover of existing companies and analysing current businesses with a view to making them more successful at what they do.

What is certain is that all employers want to employ people who will help grow and strengthen their business. What you learn from a Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship gives you the freedom to work in whatever situation suits you, standing alone if need be. It could be one of the most rewarding steps you ever take!


8 things to observe while working from home

Small business solutions: Automate

Small businesses are at a disadvantage because they don’t have the resources to do as much as large businesses but are still expected to provide the same amount of service and work. That is why it is important to find as many small business solutions as possible to help create efficiency and organization in the office. Automating things can help in this process. It is worth looking into creating and applying systems in your business to save time and money.

How to automate small business

According to Forbes, it is really important for small businesses to create systems to automate processes that are repetitive and don’t need to be done by a person. We all hate busy work, and many of those things we hate to do can be done by a computer. Forbes gives an example of this as an email system where emails are sorted and managed automatically. You no longer have to spend hours looking through your email and determining what is important to get done now and what can get done later. Your email can do that for you. Another great company to use for automating more of your business solutions is Equiinet. Equiinet allows you to streamline your business phone systems and IT solutions. You don’t have to pay someone in the office to answer the phones all the time, and you will be able to answer calls even after hours. You are guaranteed high-quality service for those who are calling your company. You can also avoid having an in-house IT person to monitor company security issues and back up the system every night. Every business wants to ensure daily back-ups are taking place, so there is no fear of losing information or work that has been completed; however, it is also scary loading a lot of personal data on the internet regularly. Fortunately, Equiinet can help protect your business’s personal information stored on the cloud. There are many solutions out there to help you automate your business; you just have to look for them.

The purpose

The reason why getting a system in place is so important is that it helps you to grow your business. If you can spend less time on tasks that can be automated, then you are able to spend a lot more time building up the business. It also helps you avoid mistakes. If you automate systems, you are dealing with a computer that will make fewer mistakes than a human. It may take some time to get into place and to perfect, but ultimately, it will help your business run much more smoothly and will save you time.

Big Data Consultant firm- services and responsibilities

With massive revolution that has taken place in the field of IT marketing and solutions, maintaining and storing Big Data in a systematic manner has become extremely important. With the ever increasing data and information stock, maintaining them in the traditional method of data storage is not at all sufficient these days. Hence, a big data consultant is always needed in order to execute the task of storing and maintaining a huge amount of data.
A professional big data consultant should be able to fulfill the following responsibilities as discussed below.

Strategizing action plans:
For a thorough research and in order to ensure a better search, proper designing and strategizing research plans is a must. A big data consultant is responsible for designing plans for data analysis and gathering relevant information regarding the same.

Maintenance of Data:
Acquiring a large amount of data is not everything one must look for. Proper maintenance of data and to have a systematic record is equally important. A consultant should be quite efficient in maintaining data integrity across multiple databases. This also includes designing, maintaining and updating multiple databases.

Coordinate with the application development team:
Big data consultant must coordinate with the application development team accordingly. In this process he must assist the team in designing and building data flows which also includes development of conceptual data models.

Proper implementation of various data analysis tools:
It simply means that a professional big data consultant must be able to offer serving his clients using various platforms and techniques of data storage including; Big Data Customization, Big Data Cloud Solution, Big Data analysis tool and Hadoop Solution. Implementing Hadoop Solution ensures applications to run on systems which may include lots of nodes involving massive amount of terabytes. Eventually the process facilitates rapid data transfer among the nodes being broken down into many parts.

Following established guidelines:
Documentation and development of data model elements are extremely important provided they are being executed by following proper established guidelines. A big data consultant must ensure the same. The person must guide engineers, programmers and system analysts regarding project capabilities, limitations and the amount of performance and interface required for a particular project concerning huge data storage.

Competency in SQL script concept:
Structured Query language (SQL) is basically meant for accessing and manipulating a particular database accordingly. Thus, an experienced and knowledgeable Big Data Consultant must perform the job of reverse engineering of all physical data models from SQL scripts and other databases.

Reviewing the development process of a software system:
The person must review the particular software system he is working on using a scientific data analysis structure. This is extremely important in order to assume and predict the possible outcomes and consequences related to a particular project.

What Managers Do To Build Great Businesses!

This is a million dollar question for any business, successful or striving to be one. One might say that there is a single strategy to make any business successful, but the truth is, there isn’t one recipe for everything. However, what you might want to know is that there are certain specific professionals who do work seamlessly with managers, many times, to build ‘great’ businesses. These experienced personnel are known as business mentors. A lot of managers may themselves be such mentors, so might be some leaders. However, these mentors may also come from an external agency, for specific tasks.

What Exactly Is The Strategy?

To attain success in any business, there may be one or more strategies combined together to make the operations smooth and generate desired results, in order to reach a ‘benchmark’, if there is one. However, this strategy may continuously shift (over the period of few years probably) due to changing business environments. One thing that managers and business mentors Perth always keep in mind is the change and conscious adaptive strategies. Such proactive approach always keeps a business on its toes, before something comes and hit the first domino.

Even though there is no one road to success, there are certain intersecting/parallel paths that correlate in all sorts of business models. Every business mentor Perth will know the following:

• External factors influencing any kind of business (constantly changing)

• Internal factors that ‘may’ influence any kind of business (affected by external factors many times or changes that may be inside the business)

• The core process, services/products offered and the system of the business

• The focus, vision and mission.

• Good leadership and management

According to a lot of business mentors and researchers, the most important elements are the ones mentioned above, with the driving force to be ‘focus’. When the focus remains intact, the strategies can be shifted, transformed or completely changed in order to accommodate what the business needs at ‘present’. However, losing the focus means increasing the possibilities of errors that may be well beyond the ‘standard acceptance levels’ in any business.

In addition, proactive strategies should be employed to ensure that the business evolves with time and technology advancements. Being on the obsolete procedures can definitely make your business and its success vulnerable. The external and internal factors can guide such proactive change. Whether the services/products, system model and core processes and procedures require any change or not can be determined by the kind of changes happening externally and internally.

In the past, a lot of examples have been seen where many renowned brands with complete monopoly stumbles down the drain due to their complacent attitude and unwillingness to change, while others who had conscious leaders, managers and mentors rose to new heights of success. Hence, it can be deduced that with the help of an experienced business mentor Perth who collaborates seamlessly with the leaders/managers of any business, keeping a constant check on the focus and changing factors, the chances of becoming a great business take quantum leap.

One of our roles as Business Mentors Perth is to assist and advise you in running your business. As a Business Mentor in Perth I have worked with many small business owners over the last 20 years. Through regular meeting, guidance and advice we will help you better understand how to build a successful business, make it profitable and run under management.

Internet Marketing Tips and Tricks

So you’ve decided you want to make money on the internet. You are excited and sign up for some home based business opportunity.

You try some stuff hoping to make a sale but nothing works because you don’t know how to get leads. Before you try anything you should study internet marketing a little bit.

If you don’t have time for that then you’ll need to plug into an effective done for you system. We will talk about that in a second.

So here are some Internet Marketing Tips And Tricks so you can be successful. When you’re running a home based business your main job is going to be getting leads for whatever your selling.

There are free ways to do this which require a lot of time, work, and testing. There are also paid methods which are the fast and easy way to make sales. Unless your offer doesn’t convert then of course you will loose money.

My favorite method for paid advertising is solo ads. You can goggle up best solo ad providers for some good choices. The more you spend for solo ads usually gives you the best results.

Need More Referrals? The best way to get more referrals is to find a good system in place that gets you leads, that you can duplicate.

This would be a system that’s done for you and brings good results. For example you want something that has a very good capture page that converts like crazy so you can get an email address.

Now that you have an email address you have your auto responder send out an awesome pre-written series of great emails marketing whatever your trying to sell. That’s the right way to effectively automate the sales process.

This is going to cost some money but it will be worth it if it’s a good system because you will start getting leads and sales. All that you need to do is drive traffic to your capture pages and your automated system will do all of the selling for you.

Some done for you systems also get highly targeted traffic for you so you really don’t have to do anything except buy traffic. When you find a system like this definitely join if you can afford it.

You’ll pull in lots of leads and make lots of money. This is how the top earners in a company do things. They always have a great system like this in place.

Most marketers will then sell this system so they will have an additional source of income. Again, you should plug into this system and you will start to have sales rolling in.

You will always have to spend some money on any business you try to operate or you will not be successful. Fortunately with an internet business you won’t have to spend much compared to an off line business.

These Internet Marketing Tips And Tricks work very will so use them to amp up your business.

If you don’t have time for all of this but would still like to make good money with an internet business, there is something that will work for you. It’s very easy to do and takes almost no time out of your day. You’ll be paid daily. Check out the link below.

How To Start A Rental Business Related To Inflatable Buildings?

Inflatable buildings are in high demand all over the world, and this is a great opportunity to start a rental business related to this structures. First, these buildings are easy to set up and maintain, and they can be used for different purposes as well. If you are interested in this kind of business, I will give you some useful tips to make it.

If you really want to start a certain business that will allow you a high level of freedom with the products that don’t go out of style, then you should consider starting a rental property business with several high-quality inflatable structures. Of course, this kind of business involves an some initial investment in the real estate, but the payback period will come shortly. With this business, you will have the title of landlord as well as the title of the business owner. Here are some required steps that you need to pass in order to make your business successful.

First of all, analyze your current financial situation. If you are planning to take the loans (in order to buy the inflatable buildings), the majority of lenders will look for an exceptional credit history, as well as your current sources of income. Therefore, find a lender who will be able to secure financing for your new rental business, if possible on an ongoing basis.

The second step is to call your local town (or state) administration building as soon as possible to ask them how to apply for a needful broker’s license. However, some states may require a special broker’s license, which allows you to lease inflatable buildings to other people – as a rental business.

Third step is to choose one, or better several appropriate areas in your city/state where you would like to run this rental business. Look for some areas where no one has started such a kind of business to avoid the competition, and choose the big cities and metros. You can also use the certain online demographic tools, to do research on the different ZIP codes that you are interested in setting up.

Forth, hire a good business team – a real estate agent, accountant, support staff, driver, several manual workers and so on. When you are just starting some business, it is really helpful to have the professionals on your side. For example, the agent can help you to negotiate, place bids, in the process of finding, etc.

Another useful thing is a business card. Print numerous business cards related to your business as well as different flyers to advertise your inflatable buildings to prospective renters. Remember, the advertising is one of the most important things for any type of rental business.

Finally, you must have the eye-catching structures to attract a large number of users. These buildings must be made from high quality materials, to have an interesting shape and to be used in various weather conditions. At the end, just to mention that this rental business is “in full swing” today, so grab this great opportunity to profit!

Top 10 Jobs for Virtual Assistants

If you are considering being a virtual assistant, it is important for you to understand that not all virtual assistants do the same things or work in the exact same ways. There are a wide range of options in this job field. Here, we’ve provided a list of ten of the most popular (and profitable) virtual assisting jobs. While your dream job may or may not be on this list, it should at least provide a jumping-off point and open your eyes to the many possibilities in front of you.

1. Medical Transcription:

Medical transcriptionists are responsible for listening to recordings of reports made by doctors and various other professionals in the medical field. They then transform these recordings into written reports and, as such, a vast understanding of medical terminology is required. Most jobs in the field request that the virtual assistant have at least two years of experience and/or have graduated from an accredited medical transcription school. Required tools include a Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, a stop/start pedal, a high quality headset, and high speed internet connection.

2. Customer Service:

Some virtual assistants prefer to work in the customer service sector, providing help, advice, taking phone orders and general support to customers of a particular business or company. These jobs do require a quiet working environment (no pet sounds, children, etc.), headset, high speed internet connection and generally require a land line with call waiting disabled.

3. Data Mining/Research:

For many businesses, companies, and other organizations, having relevant facts and figures at their disposal is incredibly important. If you’re a good researcher and can dig up credible information with ease, then working as a data miner might be for you. Responsibilities and necessary skills vary from one position to the next but being able to follow instructions precisely, familiarity with how to use search phrases to bring up the correct information on the internet, and being able to properly document sources are generally required.

4. Online Reputation Management:

These days, when people want to learn more about a business, they typically go online to do it. As such, it has never been more important for good information that paints a company in a positive light to be what people find when they go online. Virtual assistants who work in online reputation management do whatever they can to promote positive online discussion of a particular organization. They might write positive reviews of an organization, comment on forums or other social media platforms, or help to remove negative information surrounding the organization. Generally, extensive computer and internet knowledge, experience with search engines, social media and experience with various Web 2.0 tools are a must.

5. Social Media Management:

Akin to working in online reputation management, many virtual assistants help to promote positive representation of a company or business through the major social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. A social media management professional might help create profiles on these networks, update them regularly, and promote positive communication with clients and customers to build longstanding relationships of mutual trust. Extensive knowledge of major social networking sites and good computer skills are a must.

6. Content Writer:

If you’re a good writer, then you may be in demand by many companies! Lots of professional organizations hire individuals to write online content for their websites, newsletters, blogs and other promotional materials. Good grammar, strong writing skills, and knowledge of appropriate style and format are necessary, and degrees in English or other related fields are a major asset to have but not necessary for some jobs.

7. Real Estate Assisting:

Selling houses and other property is not an easy task, especially in this economy. That’s why more and more real estate agents are hiring virtual assistants to help them with their work. Job duties might include posting classified ads for listings, creating fliers for open houses or other events, marketing a property in various locations online, speaking with and generating leads, and clerical tasks as well.

8. Editing/Proofreading:

Just as someone has to write business and marketing content, someone has to go behind the writer and act as a proofreader who spots mistakes, errors, and makes sure the content reads in an easy, straightforward manner, and as editor to fix any mistakes that are found. These can range from factual errors due to faulty research or misunderstanding to simple grammatical mistakes. A keen eye for detail, skill with the written word, and the ability to “fact check” are required.

9. Telemarketing/Appointment Setting:

Today, more companies are hiring people to work out of their homes and make phone calls to market products or to set appointments for their sales force. If you feel comfortable talking to people/businesses over the phone, have a good phone presence, great attitude and are a self starter, this may be your ticket in obtaining a work from home job. Keep in mind you will need a quiet working environment, and a phone with call waiting disabled.

10. Marketing:

You can’t get anywhere in business without advertising and that advertising has to be targeted to the right people. If you are good at creating press releases, marketing and advertising content, articles, and advertisements, then this could be the job for you. An educational background in the field, copywriting, and the ability to present ideas in an attractive manner are part of the job description in most cases.

Top 10 Items for Your Virtual Assistant Office

Here are 10 things you need for your VA Home Office:

1 – Reliable& Secure Internet Connection – don’t spare the expense on your internet connectivity. This is the life line of your business. Cable or Broadband are the best options. And be sure that it is a secure network that is password protected.

2 – Reliable Desktop or Laptop Computer – this is the second life line of your business. I actually have both a laptop and a desktop so I have the flexibility I need. Go with what works best for your lifestyle and business.

3 – Comfortable Desk Chair – since we sit most of the day, it is important to get a comfortable chair. Try out as many as you can to find one that works. Here is a detailed article on ergonomic chairs and how to choose one:

4 – Cell Phone and/or Landline – You will need a dedicated phone line in your office if you plan on applying for any customer service type of virtual employment. For other jobs, you can use your cell phone. There are tools like Google Voice where you can create a business number and that number can be forwarded to any phone you choose. Google Voice is only available in the US at this time.

5 – Headset with Microphone – this is a must if you are using tools like Skype or Google Hangouts. Some customer service positions will also require a headset. It will decrease the background noise and make it easier to hear each other. This is also great if you will be doing any webinars or training.

6 – All in One Scanner, Fax & Printer – an all in one makes it easy to print, scan or fax directly from your office.

7 – Task Management System – you need a tool to help you manage tasks, deadlines and clients. There are many great task management tools on the market, find one that works for you and get it setup before you get too busy. Here are a few: TeamWork, Zoho, or Asana.

8 – Office Software or similar – you need to have Office software for typing documents, creating spreadsheets or other work related tasks. Microsoft Office is a popular choice as is Google Docs and Open Office (a free alternative to Microsoft Office).

9 – Email Client – you can use Gmail or Outlook for all your email as well as your clients. Email is a big part of your daily life, find one that works for you.

10 – Cloud Storage – this is the easiest way to share documents with clients instead of email. There are several you can choose from like Amazon Cloud, Apple iCloud and Google Drive to name a few. They can also be used as a backup for important documents and any other data stored on your hard drive. Most provide storage free from 5 to 15 gigs of info. Check each to see which works best for you.